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"We are Stardust"; some may scoff, but when you think of it what else could we be?

Read the short summary below from an article Are we really all made of stardust? by

Almost every element on Earth was formed at the heart of a star... It’s easy to forget that stars owe
their light to the energy released by nuclear fusion reactions at their cores. These are the very same
reactions which created chemical elements like carbon or iron - the building blocks which make up the
world around us.

After the Big Bang, tiny particles bound together to form hydrogen and helium. As time went
on, young stars formed when clouds of gas and dust gathered under the effect of gravity,
heating up as they became denser. At the stars’ cores, bathed in temperatures of over 10
million degrees C, hydrogen and then helium nuclei fused to form heavier elements; a
reaction known as nucleosynthesis.

Relatively young stars like our Sun convert hydrogen to produce helium, just like the first
stars of our universe. Once they run out of hydrogen, they begin to transform helium into
beryllium and carbon. As these heavier nuclei are produced, they too are burnt inside stars to
synthesize heavier and heavier elements. Different sized stars play host to different fusion
reactions, eventually forming everything from oxygen to iron.

During a supernova, when a massive star explodes at the end of its life, the resulting high
energy environment enables the creation of some of the heaviest elements including iron and
nickel. The explosion also disperses the different elements across the universe, scattering the
stardust which now makes up planets including Earth.

We live off the elements brought to us through the plants and the animals that live off the nutrients
those plants supply. In turn those plants are reliant on the materials supplied from the Earth.

When we die we will return to the earth in a constant re-cycle of the organic matter of which we
are made until, one day as our sun dies, we will be once again spread out into the universe to become
the particles that may be used to form another star or planet in the infinite circle of life we call Samsara.

Our star (the sun) is too small to go into a state of super nova. Instead it will become a red giant later
forming into a white dwarf a sort of giant diamond. Our human manifestation may end well before this
due to many uncertain events such as a meteor collision or a Near Earth Supernova. One thing that
we can be sure of is that without the stardust there would be no us.

We are stardust, we are golden and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.

Written by Joni Mitchell - Woodstock (Live In-Studio 1970)
Charted by Matthews Southern Comfort - Woodstock (1970)

I found it a hard choosing which category to place this post under, but I think that as it is a practical example of creation
then it should be placed here under Practical Alchemy, perhaps giving us a few hints to what will aid us on the path to the
Stone and Elixir of Life
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