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In this post a number of video links have been placed to give members a general overview of the
thoughts and actions of others in regards to Alchemy.

We at The Alchemy Forum are not sanctioning any of the material within these links and would
like to state it is for information only.

We would suggest that you do further research into anything you find of interest.

If, for good reason, a member would like a link removed or one added please ask any
member of the team.

If you find the information in this post incorrect again please inform a member of the team and they
will look into it.

Debate the content of this post by posting a reply in the topic "Archive Debate". Place in the
"reply title", the "heading" of the post or link you would like to discuss and the "topic" in which
it is posted.

    Philosopher’s Stone 9:06
    A brief history of the Philosophers Stone.
    phpBB [video]

    Alchemy - Sacred Secrets Revealed 53:00
    This Video will give the viewer a general overview of Alchemy and its possible origin.
    phpBB [video]

    Gnostic Radio Alchemy II Elements in Spiritual Growth 2:08:08
    Although a video, here you will find a radio broadcast about Spiritual/Sexual
    Alchemy through the eyes of a Gnostic.
    phpBB [video]

    SEX - The Secret Gate To Eden 1:15:58
    An insight to Sexual Alchemy.
    phpBB [video]

    Spirit Science 1 – 22 Times:Vary.
    This is a group of animated clips created by Jordan Spiritpatch which give an overview
    of many subjects. There are over 22 separate short stand-alone clips so the viewer can
    watch them at their leisure.

    DMT The Spirit Molecule 1:13:28
    A Doctor's Revolutionary Research Into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences
    phpBB [video]

More to come...
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