Turning Lead Into Gold

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Turning Lead Into Gold

Postby Puffer » Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:00 pm

One of the quests of alchemy is to transmute lead into gold.

Lead (atomic number 82) and gold (atomic number 79) are defined as elements by the number of protons they possess. Changing the element requires changing the atomic (proton) number

Let us first look into Natures own process of Gold production.

In nature, new elements are created by adding protons and neutrons to hydrogen atoms within the nuclear reactor of a star, producing increasingly heavier elements, up to iron (atomic number 26). This process is called nucleosynthesis.

It takes much more energy to create the heavier elements. Elements heavier than Iron are produced when a star goes into what is called a supernova.

Supernova occurs when a supergiant star collapses suddenly at the end of its life, condensing its core material into an extremely compact mass that then undergoes a slight rebound. The resulting shock wave sends all matter surrounding the core flying into space, leaving a neutron star or black hole at the site of the core's collapse.

So from the above we can see that it take an extreme amount of energy to produce Gold.

We now have a conundrum...nowhere in ancient alchemical texts does it mention the use of extreme energy, so what are we missing?

Also during the formation of Earth it passed through a molten state, while molten iron sank to its centre to make the core. This took with it the vast majority of the planet's precious metals, including Gold. Interestingly there are enough precious metals in the Earth’s core to cover the entire surface of the planet with a four-meter thick layer.

So where does the Gold we see today come from?

Let's continue with the supernova to find out.

The shock wave of the supernova induces further fusion in the matter surrounding the collapsed core. The many elements resulting from this fusion and from the various other stages of nucleosynthesis over the lifetime of the star are scattered into space; every heavy element found on Earth is thought to have been the product of supernovae explosions including Gold. This debris came to us in the form of meteor showers, mixing with the, now somewhat cooled, earth to be deposited in the regions it is found today

Note: A second explanation for the creation of heavy elements is the collision of Neutron stars, but this does not deviate from the main point, which is that it takes immense energy to create elements such a Gold.

Now we know what Nature does we have to ask ourselves how we can reproduce this effect without the immense energy.

The first question has to be, is there a way to add neutrons to an element without a great input of energy?

The answer due to the studies of NucleoSynthesis Theory.(NST) is no.

So to continue along the path of Alchemy there has to be another set of rules either undiscovered or held secret for a long time. Logic tells us that to keep such a secret over such a long period of time seems highly improbable.

Has anyone got a theory as to how The Stone would work to transform Lead into Gold without some form of nuclear reaction?
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